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To date, up to 30,000 GEZA Bathroom units have been installed.

Over the years, Kitchen units have become complimentary extensions to the GEZA Bathroom Unit. Hot water to Kitchen sink units is supplied from the geyser located under the sink of the GEZA Bathroom unit. The Stove, sink and fridge unit is the most popular and innovative kitchen product in the range and it is available with either electric or gas stove plates. The range of kitchen units is now successfully sold to large scale housing projects, including student accommodation, and also to the ever growing homeowner garden cottage market.


Over the years, GEZA was approached by various customers to develop ablution units for tented camps and container conversions. The various GEZA products were perfectly suited for this application as they could easily be packed and transported, but more importantly they needed to be robust and easy to install and maintain. With some innovative modifications, the GEZA range now includes a flexible range of toilet cubicles, basin units with geysers, and shower cubicles. These units have been used in tented camps established for the development of new mines throughout Africa.


With the ever growing pressure on the environment and the supply of water and energy, the GEZA Shower Cubicle was designed, developed and refined over a period of nine years starting in 2005 and finally ending in 2014 with a “perfect” product. The GEZA Shower Cubicle is unique in that it includes a free standing shower tray, all three sides and a door. No building work or tiling is required in assembly and installation. The shower cubicle can be installed on wooden floors, and against wooden or partition

walls. The GEZA Shower Cubicle is supplied in a flat pack and can be assembled and installed in a few hours.


With the ever growing number of GEZA products installed throughout South Africa, the need logically arose to establish an efficient way to service our customers with spares and maintenance. To this end we have opened a retail spares shop in Johannesburg that stocks all components of GEZA units as well as a wide range of general plumbing goods. All these products and their prices are now available on our website which is also suitable for usage on a smart phone. Welcome to the new online world of GEZA.


The GEZA brand, first established in 1999, has made waves in the building and housing industry, not only because of it’s superior quality and innovative style and design, but also because it has always challenged conventional forms of construction, supply, procurement and installation.

Our People

Project Sales and Factory Production

Brett Ross

Brett joined the company in 2010 as factory manager but moved very quickly into sales and has been responsible for the dramatic growth of sales of GEZA units to homeowners, guest houses and container companies.


Samuel Cope

Sam joined the company in February 2018 to add muscle to the Sales team. Still in his fledgling state at GEZA, but with a flair for people and a great understanding of the workings of this dynamic and vital company, Sam is excited and amped at the prospects that lie ahead.

Spares and General Plumbing Goods Sales, Maintenance Administrator

Prudence Mujalila

Prudence started in 2013 as a sales assistant in the newly opened spares and plumbing goods retail outlet. She is now the senior sales person in the shop. She also receives all plumbing maintenance calls and directs them to the appropriate maintenance team.

Plumbing Maintenance – large clients/projects

Fredy Munawa

Fredy has been with the company since 2009 and heads the GEZA maintenance team which is responsible for maintenance of GEZA products installed in large scale affordable housing projects. The GEZA team prides themselves in the fact that nearly all maintenance calls are attended to on the day that they are reported.

Installations and Maintenance – small clients/homeowners

Taurai Mlambo

Taurai joined the company in 2013 and heads the GEZA Installations team that proudly install GEZA bathroom and kitchen units in one day (8 hours). A typical installation also includes all connections to sewer outlets and water lines.

Factory Manager

Better Chipapami

Better began his career at GEZA as a security guard on the entrance gate to the premises in 2009. He showed immense responsibility in this position and his willingness to learn earned him promotion to the factory where he has been the manager since 2011.

Customer Invoicing and Accounts

Grace Mkhonto

Grace is the rock of the financial administration of the company. She started in 2005 as receptionist and assistant bookkeeper. She is now the senior bookkeeper responsible for all invoicing, collections payments, wages and all bookkeeping to trial balance.

Our Clients/Projects

Johannesburg Housing Company –  Johannesburg and Midrand

Projects: Brickfields, Carr Gardens, Brickfields, Crest hill, Elangeni, Hlanganani, Tribunal Gardens, Legae, Phumalani, Bon Vista, Smitshof, Landros and Gailic Mansions


CitiQ – Johannesburg


Urban Task Force/Lewray Investments – Johannesburg

Projects: Mimosa, Rochester, Trade Hall,Trump and Vulcan House


Sohco – Durban and East London

Projects: Amalinda, Valleyview and Emerald Sky


Cape Town Community Housing Co

Projects: Joe Slovo Housing


Communicare – Cape Town


City Properties – Tshwane

Projects: City Place, Maritime, Prinsman Place and Oribi



Projects: Lonmin Staff Hostels various phases

Steffanutti Stocks
Projects: Van der Bijl, Machadadorp


Emalahleni Housing Company
Projects: Presidential Housing Project


Steve Tswhete Housing Company – Middleburg
Projects: Hope City, Cromville


Zahavi Estates
Projects: Markwell House supplying replacements to various smaller buildings


President Place – Germiston


Mellon Housing company
Projects: Masiphumele, Wallacedean, Tembisa and various others


Circlevest – Johannesburg
Projects: Crest View


Polokwane Housing Company
Projects: Annadale Flats

Aengus properties – Johannesburg and Durban
Projects: 66 Smal St, Fashion Lofts, Tribeca Lofts


Projects: Various mines and military camps throughout Africa


Projects:Hunstanton, 68 Nuggett Street


Malvern Plaza – Johannesburg
Projects: Malvern Plaza, Malvern Hotel, 41 Van Beeck St, Vertum Court, 218 Commissioner St


Uptown Projects
Projects: Hilliers Place


University of the Free State
Project: Student Residence


Power Profile – Botswana
Project: Defence Force Barracks


First Metro Housing – Durban

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