Easy to Install Shower Units

Easy to Install Shower Units

Why Easy-to-Install Shower Units Are the Way of The Future


The future is all about speed and efficiency. While we are already living in a fast-paced world, the tempo by which we live is increasing by the day and people are getting used to getting what they want within a very short amount of time. We want overnight delivery on online orders and expect everything to function optimally and efficiently. We do not cook as often as we used to and it has become incredibly easy for people to push a few buttons on their cellphones and get food delivered within 20 to 45 minutes, regardless of what they are craving.


Even when it comes to the homes we live in and any changes that we make in our lives, such as home renovations, we want things to happen quickly. And buying things like shower units that take far too long to install and take time away from things you would rather be busy with simply will not do. Instead of spending the entire day – or even days – installing a shower unit, you can get some important work done, spend some time with your family, get a workout in, or do something fun and more exciting.


Take shower units, for example. At GEZA, we specialise in making and installing shower units for our customers and know the importance of speed and efficiency in our modern world. In fact, we have even developed shower units that we make by manufacturing the individual parts and then the shower cubicles can be assembled quickly on-site.


It does not have to take long to install your shower unit. You can have it installed by our team and you can also download the installation manual for your chosen shower unit on our website. If you follow the instructions, it can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 to install your shower unit. Do fall into the trap of insisting to assemble something yourself, spending hours trying to do it, struggling, failing, and then only reading the instruction manual and completing the task. If you are going to install your shower unit yourself, do not be overly self-confident. Just read the manual from the start.


Why A Lot of Home Developers Are Choosing Easy-to-Install Shower Units 


Rectangle Glass showerA lot of developers are opting for low-cost housing projects in order to create more homes for those who do not have a lot of money to spend on expensive real estate but who also want a little piece of land of their own. A lot of people nowadays also try to add a social-responsibility element to their businesses, which basically means that many people are building companies that also help other people, such as providing affordable housing. These companies are not only trying to grow their own profits but they are also trying to make a difference while doing so.


If developers are going to build a lot of smaller houses for people who cannot spend a lot of money, they want to be able to help as many people as they can, as quickly as they can, while still making as decent a profit as they can. With sanitation being a problem in many parts of the world, imagine if organisations invested in providing rural areas with bathrooms with working plumbing and installed showers. It could help a lot of people.

Building smaller homes is also more cost-effective for developers because they need to invest less money to build such a dwelling. Shower cubicles are typically chosen by housing developers for smaller homes nowadays. Ones that are easy to install, like those that available from GEZA, are also preferred by builders, as they help to speed up the construction process. Showers are also preferred because they use less water on average than filling a bathtub, which helps people who do not have a lot of money to spend. Developers are also switching to installing heat pumps to heat water instead of electric geysers, as doing so uses less energy and saves homeowners money in the long-run.


The Decision to Build or Renovate Your Own Home


Individuals and families may also want to build or renovate their own homes. They might opt to build a smaller home for themselves instead in order to save costs and to make the most of the available space they have. There is even a rising trend of people who want to live in tiny homes in order to reduce their environmental footprint, for the sake of minimalism, or because it is a fun challenge, but even if you live in a tiny home, you still need to wash your hair and clean yourself. A bathtub tends to take up a lot of space, so if you are building a smaller home or even a tiny one, a shower cubicle that does not take up too much space is ideal.


More and more people are also trying to optimise the space that they have and do not want to use more space than necessary. Having a big bathroom with a big shower simply does not make sense. Rather have a smaller bathroom with a big-enough shower, so you can rather have a slightly bigger garden for your kids to play in or a living room or dining room where you can socialise with friends and family, for example.


When Your DIY Home Project Takes Longer Than Expected and You Must Get Back to Your Life


While a lot of people love the idea of doing things themselves, if they do not have experience in building and construction, it could become difficult for them to estimate how long things are going to take. And as time is incredibly valuable for everyone, this simply will not do. Once you start trying to buy everything you need for your new bathroom, such as tiles, taps, and shower cubicles, things can already start to seem a lot more difficult and time-consuming than you might have expected.


There are many reasons why this can occur:


  • It can become difficult to source everything that you need, such as finding the tiles that fit the picture you have in your mind of what you want the end result to look like.
  • Your bathroom’s size might offer some challenges when it comes to the shower cubicle you get. Make sure that you measure your available space before you go shopping.
  • You can underestimate how long each task will take. You might think that you only need a few days to complete the task at hand but then you realise that even though laying tiles is not a too difficult task in itself, making sure that all the tiles are aligned is another story altogether.
  • Not planning for the unexpected can cause time delays in the building and renovation process. It is a good idea to always add extra time to your planning for the unexpected. You might run out of paint during your home renovation, which can cause a delay. There could be inclement weather that makes it impossible for you to work and force you to stop for days at a time.
  • Choosing things like showers and basins that take long to install.
  • Buying the things you need from 20 different suppliers. If you just take all that time it takes to travel to different suppliers and simply communicating with them over the phone and email into consideration, you could be shocked at how much time you had wasted.


Getting Multiple Things from One Supplier to Optimise Your Time


At GEZA, we can also take care of the basin unit, toilet, and sink for your bathroom, and if you are also planning on renovating your kitchen, we can help with that too! One great thing about using the same company to supply you with multiple things is that you only need to deal with one supplier, which is far more efficient than working with multiple ones. Other benefits include the fact that you are more likely to find things that complement one another from the same supplier and they can also help you to install everything.


For example, you will also be able to get the spare parts for sale for your kitchen or ablution facilities from our retail spares outlet if needed. In fact, spares can be ordered from our website and delivered within 24 hours. You can also expect excellent after-sales service from our team and our maintenance team is available to customers in Gauteng from Monday to Friday.

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