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The all new GEZA Pool has just splashed down in South Africa.

Arriving in a ready-to-assemble flatpack DIY kit, this innovative, stylish, elegantly designed and naturally beautiful wooden hexagonal pool is the perfect complement to any proud homeowner wishing to add real value, quality and class to their home, without the hefty price tag of a conventional sunken pool. The outer wooden structure of the pool is manufactured to exacting standards from high quality, pressure impregnated, dried and oiled, dense Scandinavian timber, fitting perfectly into any garden, in total harmony with its surroundings. From the very first moment of use, it becomes a true showcase of garden architecture.

Wood is the perfect heat insulator and helps keep the pool water at an ideal temperature. The unique 3-stage treatment ensures the wood’s resistance to our powerful African sun. The GEZA Pool is also child friendly. The combination of an anti-slip detachable external ladder and freestanding installation makes it SAFER for small children, especially when unattended. Each GEZA Pool is built to last making it a worthwhile investment for years to come.

Sabi Sundowner

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Other unique features of the GEZA Pools include:


  1. Pool liner and Geotextile underliner for ground and walls
  2. Skimmer with easy access
  3. A barefoot safe top deck
  4. 45mm width wooden wall – for extra strength
  5. Flexible installation options (free-standing, in-ground, in-terrace or indoors*). * Requires ventilation
  6. Ready to use in 2 days with detailed and easy-to-follow assembly  instruction manual
  7. Pump and filter enclosure – optional extra
  8. 5 year warranty on the wooden body of each pool
  9. Pump and filter with 1 bag sand and all pipes
  10. Non-slip external wooden ladder
  11. Internal stainless steel ladder


GEZA Pools are available in 2 hexagonal sizes:


  • Clifton Chiller @ 3.5m width
  • Sabi Sundowner @ 4.3m width 


Download Clifton Chiller Installation Manual Here


Download Sabi Sundowner Installation Manual Here
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