Pre-Constructed Swimming Pool

Pre-Constructed Swimming Pool

10 Benefits of Installing A Pre-constructed Swimming Pool in Your Backyard

DIY Swimming PoolIn South Africa’s scorching summer heat, most people would not mind having their own swimming pool. A homeowner’s first thought in protest of such a notion, however, is the cost of installing one. The in-ground type can be expensive, and many would instead visit family, friends, or public facilities before burning a hole in their wallets. Fortunately, there is one option that is not only affordable but comes with plenty of advantages too – installing a pre-constructed swimming pool. A pre-constructed swimming pool is installed above ground and is far less of a hassle than its built-in counterpart. If you have never before heard of this elegant solution, we are proud to introduce you to our range and the ten benefits you can expect when installing them:


    • They are budget-friendly. If you love spending time outdoors swimming, a pre-constructed unit is the most affordable option available. Apart from size, a pre-constructed swimming pool trumps a built-in one in just about every department – at a fraction of the cost.


    • They are safer than in-ground units. When it comes to kids, the elderly, and pets, one can never be too careful. Accidents are common because it’s easy to slip and fall on wet concrete. Above-ground swimming pools have a higher entry point and usually require a ladder to get in, which means climbing in is deliberate and seldom accidental. Our models have anti-slip detachable ladders that are easily removed when not in use.


    • Installation and dismantling are simple. If you need a swimming pool that won’t require weeks’ worth of installation time by a disruptive construction crew, a pre-constructed DIY version is right up your alley. Installing yours – and dismantling it when needed – is a quick and simple process that requires no professional help.


    • You can move it whenever you want. If you suddenly have the urge to move your pre-constructed pool to another area of your yard, or if you are relocating to a new home, moving it is a breeze. This means you can take your unit with you wherever you go.


    • They look great in smaller yards. Smaller yards lose a lot of space with the large, in-ground variant. Pre-constructed swimming pools often complement a small yard well due to its compact, space-saving design. They are also ideal for rented homes where structural changes to the yard are not allowed.


    • Maintenance is straightforward. If you opt for a pre-constructed swimming pool with a pump, filter, and skimmer (such as the GEZA range includes), you need never worry about cleaning your water again. Our pools also come with a liner which does not allow for algae growth, unlike fibreglass pools.


    • They are great for saving water. In a country like South Africa, where water restrictions and drought are part and parcel of our daily life, large concrete types are wasteful. With a smaller design, you can now still enjoy all the benefits without using as much water.


    • They fit most lifestyles. Playing in the water with the kids, relaxing after a hot day, and entertaining guests are all possible with this cost-friendly, practical solution. From young to old, pre-constructed units suit most lifestyles.


    • Your outdoor aesthetic is enhanced. If you are looking to add an element of luxury and sophistication to your garden architecture, one of our natural, wooden designs is the best way to turn your yard into an outdoor sanctuary.


    • Your overall health and wellness will improve. One of the features that makes a pre-constructed unit a worthwhile investment is its positive effect on one’s health and wellness. Spending time outdoors and getting your daily dose of vitamin C not only reduces stress but allows one to reconnect with your mind and body. Water aerobics and stretches are also beneficial, not to mention how many calories just playing with the kids will burn. South African seasonal heat lasts quite a few months each year, so make sure you have a refreshing pool in which to cool down at the end of each day.


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