Ready Made Shower Cubicles

Ready Made Shower Cubicles

Enjoy the Benefits of Ready Made Shower Cubicles and Modular Kitchens From GEZA!

Studies have proven that the upgrades that add the most value to a property are the kitchen and the bathroom. Updating your kitchen or bathroom can add significant financial value to the property, especially if it is attractive and well installed. People often go to great expense to put in new showers, baths, toilets, and basins, and they have to wait for ages while tiles are drying before the bathroom can be used again.

You can eliminate all these problems if you choose ready made shower cubicles from GEZA. These are also called modular cabins or pre-fabricated enclosures. At GEZA, we construct our ready made cubicles at our own facility, and then just install it! Our shower enclosures also come with all the accessories, such as taps and shower racks that are needed for a great-looking and highly functional shower cubicle.

Typically, materials, such as acrylic, plastic, or fibreglass are used for the construction of the enclosure, and glass doors are specifically made to suit the needs of the bathroom. At GEZA, we construct different shapes and sizes of ready made products. The cubicle comes with a shower tray and waste trap. The shower sides and doors are then securely attached to the shower tray to prevent any leakage from the shower.

Ready Made Shower CubiclesWe prefer to use sliding shower doors because they are more practical, especially in small bathrooms, and unlike doors that open outwards, they do not drip water onto the floor. We also provide a harness, water hose, and mixer taps. All of this will cost a fraction of having a built-in enclosure constructed! The shower kit is delivered to your property, and can be installed in a matter of hours. This means that you will have a fully functional cubicle in a very short space of time.

At GEZA, we take great pride in the products that we design and create, and as a result, our products are sturdy and well-constructed. In addition to being scratch-proof and crack-proof, they are also highly attractive, and we have different shapes and sizes available that will fit your bathroom perfectly. As long as the correct plumbing is available, they are super-easy to install and are very durable. If you need a ready made shower cubicle that has a long lifespan, is easy to install, and is affordable, GEZA is the place to contact!


More About GEZA

Our company is highly focused on innovation, which means that we have been at the front edge of modular bathroom, cubicle, and kitchen design. Since our inception in 1999, we have been designing and manufacturing highly durable, practical, and affordable bathrooms, cubicles, and kitchens for a range of different environments. We also realised that there is a market for our products in temporary accommodation set up for mine workers, luxury tented camps, game lodges, offices, and smaller properties, and as a result, we have made a huge impact on the ready made bathroom cubicle and luxury market.

We designed and patented the GEZA Easy Fit Bathroom cubicles in 1999. This ready made bathroom has an all-in-one design, which includes a cubicle, and is easy to install. In addition to our bathroom and kitchen ranges, we also create ready made above-ground swimming pools. These are stylish additions to any garden with its Swiss timber casing and its great looks. There has been a marked increase in the homeowner market for products that are unique, functional, durable, yet affordable, and we are always happy to oblige. Our DIY installation makes it easy to put together, but we will be more than happy to advise or provide assistance with installation. We strive to only produce high-quality products that are very competitively priced.

Our client base has expanded increasingly over the last ten years, and can now be seen in many different properties throughout the country. We also stock our own range of parts, which means that in the odd event of a repair being required, we have all the spares needed for such a repair. Maintenance and the cleaning of our products are also super-easy. We also have highly trained and experienced technicians on standby around the clock to ensure that your ready made cubicles or modular kitchen products always remain in good shape!

All our products are available to view on our website, and we encourage clients to have a look at our innovative, ready made shower cubicles, swimming pools, and kitchen units to see how stylish yet affordable they are! If you need more information, just give our expert teat at GEZA a call!

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