Kitchen Sink for Sale Johannesburg

Kitchen Sink for Sale Johannesburg

Before You Buy, Check Out the Kitchen Sink for Sale in Johannesburg at GEZA!

If you are looking to upgrade a kitchen or to build a new one, GEZA is the place to approach. We know that there are many different types of basins on the market, and we always aim to provide the perfect sink that will fulfil your needs. We also specialise in smaller kitchens, and provide hardy and durable products that will suit the needs of our customers just perfectly. Types of basins on the market currently include the following:

Farmhouse Sink: Usually these are larger and constructed of porcelain with an underlay. While they are a pleasure to use, the porcelain or ceramic basin can be rather hard on glassware. So, if you use a lot of fine wine glasses, chances are that these are likely to get chipped or broken against the hard surface of the kitchen sink.

Undermount Sink: These are quite popular to use in Johannesburg. They are built into the counter, and therefore provide a virtually seamless look between the counter and the basin. While highly practical and very attractive, they are also made or covered with ceramics, which again is likely to chip fine glassware. On the other hand, they are highly durable and will last for a very long time, despite frequent use. It is necessary to check how heavy the basin is because these are commonly installed with a glue fitting, and if the sink is too heavy, the glue installation will not last very long.

Stainless Steel Kitchen SinkStainless Steel Kitchen Sink: One of the most popular basin installations in Johannesburg (especially in small spaces) is the stainless-steel sink. They are light (compared to ceramic kitchen basins) and the surface is not as hard as a ceramic surface. The chances, therefore, to break sensitive glassware are reduced vastly. They are usually divided into groups according to their thickness. This means that the heavier stainless-steel sinks for sale in Johannesburg will be cheaper than the sheer thin types available. They are, however, a little noisier, but will not easily break or chip your glassware or crockery.

Corner Basin: This is a relatively new invention and is not always for sale everywhere. It consists of two basins set into the corner of the kitchen, and is specifically designed to save space. They are typically made of metal, and offer a great solution to kitchens that are smaller, but need to be highly functional.

Granite Sink: Basically, granite composite materials are used to make a kitchen sink through a process where crushed granite is mixed with resin. These are highly reliable, long lasting, and also very resistant to chipping and stains. This kitchen sink can be found for sale in Johannesburg, and is specifically created to add style combined with durability, and they are a very modern choice for most homeowners. They are, however, rather heavy, and need additional support in the base to remain in place.

Cast Iron Kitchen Sink: The shape of the basin is first cast in hot iron and cooled down, and then baked with a porcelain coating (much like ceramic kitchen basins). This coating seals the basin with a glossy coating that is very attractive and sleek. They are typically for sale to use in vintage interiors or farmhouse-style kitchens. Cast iron, however, is very heavy, and significant extra support is needed to keep them in place. Because of the ceramic coating and the hardness of the iron, delicate glassware and crockery can be damaged when using this type of basin in Johannesburg or anywhere else. Abrasive cleaners and scrubbing can also spoil the smooth surface of the ceramic coating.

Top-Mounted, Stainless-Steel Basin: Few of the materials used to make basins for sale in Johannesburg or anywhere else are as practical and easy to use as a top-mounted basin. Stainless steel is best to use because it is easy to clean, less likely to be abraded by harsh chemicals and scrubbing, and because they are softer on the glasses and crockery, they are less prone to causing damage.

If you are looking for the perfect sink for sale, visit our showroom in Johannesburg! We will be only too happy to help!

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