Above-Ground Pools by GEZA

Above-Ground Pools by GEZA

Add Style to Your Life with the Fabulous Range of Above-Ground Pools by GEZA

Need to spruce up your yard and add a little elegance to your lifestyle? Or maybe you are looking to create an outdoor recreational area in which to relax with family and friends. A swimming pool is the ideal luxury item for all those summer braais and get-togethers; unfortunately, they are expensive. Installation takes some time too, so you might find yourself spending your holidays waiting for the project’s completion. Our GEZA above-ground pools, however, may just be the solution you need.

Most people enjoy a dip in the refreshing, clear, and cool water of a swimming pool. Perhaps you do not have the time, money, or space for such an installation; above-ground pools, though, change all that. If you have never before considered such a product, you may be surprised by some of the benefits you can expect, such as:

  • You can finally get your dream pool without spending as much as you would on a large, in-ground installation.
  • Most people find that above-ground pools suit their needs perfectly in terms of size and value for money.
  • They are far safer because the entry point is higher. This means that children, pets, and even adults are less prone to hurting themselves in poolside accidents. Our GEZA range also comes with a barefoot-safe top deck and non-slip external wooden ladder, which prevents users from slipping and falling.
  • The GEZA range is a DIY fanatic’s dream, as the products come with a detailed instruction manual and are ready to use within two days.
  • They are a more elegant solution than an in-ground pool. With unique shapes and luxury materials like wood, you would not find a better addition to your backyard.
  • With the GEZA range, in particular, maintenance is ultra-easy. The wood surrounding each pool in the range has undergone a three-stage treatment to help it withstand weather conditions. They also feature easily accessed skimmers as well as filters and pumps, so caring for your water is hassle-free.


Currently, we have two new above-ground pools available in hexagonal sizes, namely, the Clifton Chiller at 3,5 m width, and the Sabi Sundowner at 4,3 m in width. Brand-new and ready to assemble, your outdoor dream pool is awaiting you. If you would like us to contact you with more information on our superb, stylish range, feel free to get in touch online at your earliest convenience.

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