Bathroom Basins for Sale at Great Prices

Bathroom Basins for Sale at Great Prices

10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Bathroom with Something from the Exceptional Range We Offer for Sale

Most homeowners are aware of renovations needed around the house but choose to turn a blind eye where possible. Perhaps you have had a nagging feeling for a while about certain spots of your home that could use a little attention. Or maybe there are specific areas from which you swiftly divert guests whenever anyone visits. A neglected bathroom, in particular, is an embarrassing room to show friends and family – first because it is a room guests will likely use and second because it may reflect poorly on you as a homeowner. While occasionally adding new sealants or luxury hand soap may detract the room’s overall condition, there are so many benefits to taking on a remodelling project. If time and money have been keeping you from an upgrade, a simple solution is the range of everything from toilets to bathroom basins that we offer for sale at great prices. We will have you set up in no time at all.

Small Basin VanityIf you are not sure yet about whether or not a restroom renovation is worth it, we have a look at some of the advantages of an at-home makeover. The fantastic part about it all? Our line of GEZA products won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


  1. Create A Tranquil, At-Home Spa for Yourself

Each year, people spend thousands on spa therapies. These treatments include facials, massages, and the use of thermae facilities such as steam rooms, saunas, and heated plunge pools. It is not only about physical relaxation, however; visiting a specialised facility dedicated to helping you unwind automatically allows you to enter this mental space. Without any distractions, you are free to kick back and relax. What homeowners must realise, though, is that it is entirely possible to create this kind of atmosphere in their own residence. If you have resigned yourself to a stressful day – even while enjoying the comforts of home – then it is essential that you design a space for yourself that will act as an escape. Reconditioning your bathroom means introducing soothing colours, a luxury basin unit and vanity, and even a few potted plants.


  1. You Can Increase Your Home’s Storage Space

The longer you reside in your house, the more cramped your space will feel. By nature, humans accumulate a lot over the years. For younger families, there is also always the possibility of growth – children are born or grandparents, for example, end up living there too. As such, washrooms end up looking too cluttered, with every surface lined with hygiene, self-care, and beauty products. If you seem to be quickly running out of space in your powder room, introducing a new basin wall-unit with drawers, shelves, and cupboards will free up tons of space. You could also install a few modern floating shelves or hidden storage space where possible. A cleaner, more seamless space will not only look much better but add to the previously mentioned relaxation factor. At GEZA, our large basin unit is wall-mounted and available at a great price.


  1. Functional Needs Change Over Time

Living in your home long enough will alert you to the practical requirements your bathroom may not be fulfilling. While storage space is one aspect, there are other considerations too. Having children, for example, means that you can no longer only have a shower. Older individuals may require a support railing near the bathtub and tiles with more grip to prevent slipping. If you find yourself needing to accommodate your bathroom – instead of the other way around – a revamp is undoubtedly warranted.


  1. Up Your Home’s Market Value

If you plan on reselling soon, it is essential to realise that the kitchen and bathroom are two rooms that receive the most attention during house tours. Not only will potential buyers be looking for issues with plumbing, mould, and mildew but they will also be far more attracted to a newly renovated space. Houses experience wear and tear over time and spaces as personal as bathrooms can turn buyers away if neglected. Bathrooms also tend to look older and more run-down than other areas of a house due to their daily exposure to heat and moisture. An affordable remodelling project or even the introduction of a new bathtub or basin is enough to refresh the space. A restroom design that is beautifully finished and given the right attention will raise your property’s real estate value because it lets buyers know that you have cared for your home.


  1. Keep Up with the Times

If you are still living with the lavatory you got when you first bought your home, redoing the space as soon as possible is recommended. Older homes, especially, tend to look outdated and antwacky. Even if the rest of your residence has been updated over the years, your home’s age will be given away by those damaged tiles and worn cabinets. Modernising this space does not need to come at a hefty cost – our solutions here at GEZA are available at great prices. Contemporary, ultra-sleek style design will give this oft-forgotten region of one’s home the timeless facelift it deserves.


  1. Your Preferences Are Important

Our clients always feel better when they have had a creative hand in the upgrade process themselves. Homeowner’s who buy a property inherit someone else’s taste and do the best they can to decorate and uplift the space. Bathrooms are a little trickier to overhaul than a bedroom or study – in large part due to the plumbing and tiling involved. Pouring your own initiative, innovation, and creativity into this space, however, will make it a far more comfortable room to use. You also have specific needs based on your lifestyle, such as whether or not you have kids or need a more accessible space due to injury or disability. Picking the colour of your tiles, the shape of your shower, and even the light fixture will personalise the spot to represent who you are as an individual or household.


  1. Your Home Will Be Safer

Bathroom accidents happen all the time. Older washrooms or those than have been poorly designed are more likely to have a whole host of hazards. A slippery floor or broken tiles may lead to slips and falls, as could neglected water leaks. Toxic mould could lead to respiratory conditions. Even shower-curtain vapours have been linked to health problems. If your bathroom is old and potentially hazardous, you owe it to yourself and those closest to you to overhaul the space. While adding elements to suit your aesthetic interests, you can take the time to examine, correct, and repair whatever unseen issues may be plaguing your lavatory.


  1. Make Better Use of the Available Space

It is not enough to declutter and keep those bath towels out of sight – the right kind of remodelling can actually expand your available space. This may mean installing a corner shower, investing in a more compact basin, or using your wall height for added storage. Glass shower doors, for example, are another way to create the illusion of depth and less restriction. A bigger bathroom is not only attractive to buyers in future but will be more accessible to guests and provide a more open and relaxing feel.


  1. You Can Be More Sustainable

Not only is there a global drive to live more sustainably but South Africa, in particular, struggles with drought conditions and declining dam water levels. Some shower faucets and taps use much more water than their modern counterparts (known for varied low-flow solutions and attachable aerators). You can also update your light bulbs to LEDs and switch to solar power for your hot water.


  1. Our Prices Are Unparalleled in the Industry

Since 1999, our brand has sold and installed thousands of bathroom products in South Africa. The range of baths, shower cubicles, and basins we offer for sale has always been competitively priced – which is why we knock out the competition in the industry. We specialise in compact bathroom spaces but can accommodate any redesign project. Across the country, thousands of residences, home-renovation projects, businesses, guest houses, game lodges, B&Bs, and housing developments have benefited from our professional services, top-quality products, and exceptional prices. Partnering with us on that next makeover project means you can be sure you are receiving products of the highest standard.


If you are currently designing a new layout for your restroom and find yourself seeking bathroom furnishings at great prices, have a look at our catalogue of basins, shower cubicles, baths, and affordable toilets today.

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