Small Basin for Bathroom

Small Basin for Bathroom

Where to Find the Best Small Basin for A Tiny Bathroom

In many temporary housing facilities, luxury tented sites, new building developments, and container homes, it has become the norm to build fairly small bathrooms in order to save space for the other rooms, such as the living room or bedrooms. It goes without saying that, if your bathroom is tiny, you should only use compact units in it, such as a compact basin or shower to make the most of the available space. The design and the layout of a small bathroom are important and it can make the difference between an uncomfortable space to be in and a space that remains practical and functional, while also looking beautiful. If it is compact, it is also easy to keep clean and using a small basin doesn’t have to be unduly difficult if you plan the space properly.

The placements of the taps is important. Mixer taps are the best because they take up less space and are more practical in a confined space; one tap is always better than two. It also means you can even out the temperature of the water in the basin more easily in the interest of comfort and convenience. When looking for the best small basins, call in the assistance of experts in the field. They can help you to select the best hardware for your space and also suggest a highly functional layout that will help to make compact living so much easier.

Small Basin for Bathroom

How GEZA Can Help

Because we have been in the industry of providing practical compact kitchens and bathrooms for temporary accommodation, luxury tented camps, and the mining industry, we have the know-how when it comes to putting together a small bathroom or kitchen. We have designed and created specially adapted spaces that are compact yet comfortable. GEZA is an isiZulu word for “wash” or “clean”, and this has been our mission over the years. We have been contracted by many companies across Africa to provide both permanent and temporary washing rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms to a variety of establishments. We have made it our mission to provide solutions that are very practical, easy to move and install, and comfortable to use for all accommodation types. We are currently contracted to work with a number of companies all over Africa that need small kitchens and washrooms. We specialise in installing basins that are easy to use in small bathrooms, despite limited space.

Because we realise that storage is nevertheless very important, despite the shortage of space that comes with compact living, we have developed products that make the most of the available space. We can provide you with a small basin set atop a vanity unit that can save space and provide storage at the same time. Not only is this unit very good-looking, but it is also surprisingly affordable and provides all the necessary storage space to keep toiletries such as toothbrushes stored securely and hygienically. Most of our small basins are created from ceramics and are already fitted with a mixer tap. This assembly is then installed on top of a white vanity unit wrapped in melamine, which is very easy to keep clean. The vanity has two doors and two shelves that provide ample storage for toiletries and other bathroom necessities.

In addition to being able to provide a small basin for a small washroom, we also specialise in supplying other types of compact units for bathrooms and kitchens to our clients. These are all pre-manufactured and delivered in kit form. As long as the relevant plumbing and electrical points are in place, the installation can be done in a matter of hours and you will have a fully operational kitchen or bathroom before you know it. Because we realised as early as 1999 that there was a great need for small bathrooms and kitchens, we have worked very hard to provide our clients with exactly what they need at eminently reasonable prices. Our Easy-Fit bathroom was patented in the same year and clients all over Africa have come to believe in these patents and products as the perfect solutions to their ablution challenges.

If you are looking for the ideal small basin for your bathroom, contact our team at GEZA as soon as possible to have a look at our range of practical products.

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