Wall-Mounted Basin Unit

Wall-Mounted Basin Unit

How to Design A Bathroom Around Your GEZA Wall-Mounted Basin Unit

Large Basin VanityIf you are considering purchasing one, or if you have already invested in a wall-mounted basin unit from the GEZA range, you have undoubtedly already proven your eye for design. Interior styling within a bathroom is not an easy feat – even making small changes often requires plenty of effort that most people would rather avoid. Below, we discuss the best way to remodel your bathroom around your GEZA wall-mounted basin unit, from start to finish.


The Importance of A Statement Piece

In terms of aesthetic design and décor, it is always recommended that every room has one or two statement pieces. A statement piece is any item already present in the structure, or added as additional décor, that acts as the centre around which everything else revolves. In living rooms, this may be a stylish rug or a painting. Beautifully designed kitchens often boast statement countertops or cabinets. A bedroom may rely on an elegant headboard or scatter cushions to tie the room together. Regardless of what the item is, it needs to anchor the room and create a point of interest.

Your statement piece sets the aesthetic mood for the rest of the room. It dictates style – such as vintage, modern, rustic, or industrial – and gives you a range of colours, textures, and lighting options from which to choose. One of the most challenging residential spaces in which to create a statement is the bathroom. Most bathrooms are filled with items that feel disjointed, with no apparent theme or direction. They are also susceptible to looking rather bland, without any of the pizzazz and flair the eye seeks. Because a bathroom is a more compact area of the home, your statement piece in this room must not only look great but offer an element of practical functionality too. Every centimetre in a smaller space counts.


Why Opt for Our Wall-mounted Basin Unit?

GEZA’s large, wall-mounted basin unit is designed in such a way that it can accommodate any personal preference and room dimensions. The basin unit is also bold enough to act as the aesthetic lead in the room, directing the rest of the bathroom’s look and feel. Lastly, but just as importantly, it comes with features that put this functional art to good use, such as:


  • Top and bottom cupboards;
  • Two bottom drawers;
  • Two spacious shelves;
  • A large mirror; and
  • A mixer, waste, and trap.


Tips for Rest of the Room

Replacing your previous sink and vanity fixture with our wall-mounted basin unit is enough to spruce up the space but what about other changes to be made? Now that you have your star item to steal the show, the rest of the room will not be too difficult. The following steps are budget-friendly and do not take up too much time:


  1. Redo your walls. Most bathrooms either have fully or partially tiled walls. However, breaking these tiles out and replacing them can be costly. For an affordable option that can be done in a jiffy, look into peel-and-stick vinyl tiles. This product comes at a fraction of the price and can be used to redo your current tiles any way you’d like. They are also simple enough that anyone can do it at home without professional help. For walls, consider a bold colour on the wall behind your wall-mounted basin unit to create an eye-catching contrast – shades such as navy blue, olive green, and charcoal grey look quite sophisticated in a powder room.
  2. Use the Room’s Height. There may not be much space on the floor for extra storage and décor. Look for door-hanging laundry bags, wall-mounted pot plants, and shelving that free up as much floor area as possible. Even windows can act as décor with beautifully painted frames and the right curtains or shades.
  3. Replace Sealants and Grout. Old silicone not only looks off-putting but may be a health hazard, as mould and mildew often form under the caulk. Dark grout between your floor tiles could also drag your overall aesthetic down, causing the space to look neglected. Make an effort to replace sealants and grout for a clean, fresh finish.


For more tips on remodelling your bathroom or kitchen, or if you would like to look into our wall-mounted basin-unit model, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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