Affordable Shower Units

Affordable Shower Units

Looking for Affordable Shower Units for Your Bathroom? GEZA Can Help!

One of the best things you can do for your property in order to increase its value is to invest in a new bathroom! With our new shower units available from GEZA, you can beautify your bathroom and make it more practical. Most new showers are not that affordable. The cheaper ones just look, well, cheap. What you need is to be able to find a way to improve the space, but still not pay a king’s ransom for it. Built-in showers are usually what people opt for, because this has been the most common type used, but new innovations have brought highly affordable showers to the marketplace that can not only improve the look and functionality, but also lower the price!

Generally speaking, showers were built in with bricks and mortar. Then there are also usually the tiles required to add a great surface and some visual attraction. The problem with these showers is that they are usually very expensive, they take time to dry, and they require specialist craftsmen to put them into place. The other alternative is to purchase units from a company that provides showers for low-cost housing. The problem is that these often look cheap and not very attractive!

At GEZA, we have found the perfect solution after years of research and development. We have carefully designed and created affordable shower units with great care. Not only did we focus on stunning looks and functionality, but also concentrated on a stylish appearance. Our affordable units are used all over the country, and are especially adapted to a variety of environments. We regularly supply building developments and temporary housing for employees, and have even advanced to the provision of high-quality affordable shower units, vanities, and kitchens for luxury tented camps.


How GEZA Provides You with Value

We measure your spaces and the requirements of these rooms, and then set about working out the ideal set of solutions that will make the most sense in the available space. We design the items according to the specifics, and then manufacture the complete bathroom on site. Once this process is complete, we ensure that our very affordable shower units, basins, and cabinets can be installed quickly. Providing the planning and plumbing is in place, we can install an entire bathroom in less than a day!

At GEZA, we recognised the need in the African market when it comes to viable, functional, reliable, durable, and attractive shower units, bathroom appliances, and kitchen designs. This is why we are at the forefront of the market when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens that are ready to install. We have spent many years in the industry and refined our products to be highly suitable to our markets. We are serious about the application of vigorous quality testing to ensure that our affordable showers, kitchen kits, and other products are as practical and affordable as possible. One of our most notable achievements is our geysers that we have specifically patented and developed to suit certain markets.

In addition to the highly complicated and dedicated design and development we carry out ourselves, we have also chosen certain companies to partner with in order to get our designs sold and installed. This is why we are at the forefront of the installation and provision of affordable bathroom units and kitchen designs all over Africa.


Why You Should Purchase Your Shower Units From GEZA

We have been in the industry since the late nineties, and our main mission was to design and manufacture fantastic, durable, and affordable hygiene products for an array of different industries and environments. From luxury tented camps to container conversions, we have been at the forefront of providing the highest quality and most affordable shower units around.

Because our designers and manufacturers at GEZA are so highly committed to the business of providing you with affordable bathroom units, kitchens, and other essential items, we have gained traction in the industry. We are in the unique position to provide our customers with highly practical and affordable products, and we take great pride in the kitchen units and affordable shower units we provide.

If you are looking for unique products that will last long and be reliable and are easy to install, give our team at GEZA a call today!


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