Basin and Cabinet for Bathroom

Basin and Cabinet for Bathroom

Choosing a Basin and Cabinet for Your Bathroom

If you want to update your property and increase its value, the two most important things you can do is to redo the kitchen and the bathroom. Choosing a basin and cabinet is not always easy – especially because there are so many different styles and types to choose from. The good news is that you do not have to spend a fortune. You can invest very little and still have a cabinet that looks stylish and tasteful without breaking the bank.

Here we provide you with some tips on making your home look good by choosing the right basin and cabinet for your bathroom.


  • Consider the Available Space: The available space is very important when it comes to choosing the right basin and cabinet. It is also important to consider how often the room will be used. For instance, will it be a guest bathroom that is only used on isolated occasions, or is it your main family bathroom on which your entire family will depend? Small bathrooms can be a challenge. Not only do they have to look stylish and beautiful, but they also have to be highly functional, be able to handle a lot of traffic, and be easy to clean.


For instance, a guest toilet will require a basin that is a lot smaller than a family bathroom. Family bathrooms also generally need more storage than a guest facility, and a cabinet that can house most of the toiletries and cleaning products can help to hide these away, and make the bathroom look a lot less cluttered. Then there is also the choice between free-standing basins or those with cabinets. Free-standing models can look quite good in a guest bathroom, but in a family bathroom, a basin set atop a cabinet will be more functional.


  • Location of The Furniture, Fixtures, and Appliances in Your Bathroom: Location may be much more important than you may think. The basin and cabinet have to be positioned in a location where it will not obstruct the opening or closing of a shower door, the toilet, or even the door. Often, in smaller bathrooms, it is vital to have enough space to be able to reach the areas that need to be cleaned, and being wedged inbetween the shower door and the cabinet in order to clean the shower area is definitely not desirable!


  • Durability: The basin and cabinet you select have to be able to handle the traffic and the volume of use. While a dainty, glass, free-standing model may be highly attractive, it is certainly not going to be able to handle the rigours of everyday use – especially if you have children! For family bathrooms, it is definitely best to choose a basin that will be able to deal with heavy use, bumps, and messes.


  • Colour: While there are a lot of different styles, colours, and models of basins on the market, experts advise that you stick to white or neutral colours. Trying to sell a property with an avocado green basin and cabinet is not easy, especially because you cannot just paint over the offensive colour. White, off white, cream, or beige may sound boring, but they will hold out for much longer. Also, the colour white is associated with cleanliness and good hygiene. Another advantage is that you can instantly update the room with a new colour scheme by just changing the soft furnishings, such as towels and a bathmat, and an ornament or two in a different colour. This will completely change the look of your room.


  • Taps and Fixtures: One thing that can really bring some zest to an otherwise quite plain room is to choose modern taps and fixtures. They are able to transform a traditional basin into something more modern and interesting. There are so many different taps and fixtures on the market to choose from that you are bound to find something you like. Remember that mixer taps are almost always better than single faucets. When it comes to the cabinet, a new door handle can do wonders!


If you are looking for the most perfect basin and cabinet, contact our team at GEZA today!

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