Kitchen Cupboards for Small Spaces

Kitchen Cupboards for Small Spaces

8 Savvy Ideas to Maximise Your Storage and Kitchen Cupboards for Small Spaces

Small does not have to mean second-rate! If you have a small kitchen space, there is no need to get into a frazzle about a shortage of storage. All you have to do is to be brave, get creative, and use some good-looking cupboards for small spaces! You can have a practical, fully functional kitchen and love the value it adds to your home. There are endless ideas out there to try. so, to make the most of the limited room you have available, we provide a few great ideas that will turn your small kitchen into a smart and cosy little haven.


  1. Use wall space creatively. Cupboards built for small spaces often do not have enough room for everything you need. This means that you have to find alternative means to add more storage. One great idea is to use the walls for storage. Repurpose an old rake and hang it upside down on the wall. You can hang your utensils from the fork teeth with spaces in between. This can provide a nice, rustic look and ensures easy access to all the utensils you need.
  2. Store behind the door. If the room has a door, you could fit shallow racks behind the door for spice bottles and condiments. This can provide ample storage for those smaller items that you usually struggle to find and that usually hide in the back of your If you find that the door makes the space look smaller, you can remove the door and build a condiment rack against a wall above the stove.
  3. The mighty magazine rack. Cutting boards and bakeware such as muffin tins and baking plates tend to consume a lot of space. Use a magazine rack to store these in an upright position and you will not have to spend any time extricating them from underneath other items.
  4. Cool and clever cupboards. Invest in a range of cupboards especially created for tiny spaces. These are easy to find at GEZA. We specialise in the provision of smart, space-saving furniture concepts. We also have a kitchen range that can be installed quickly and easily to provide you with the ultimate storage solutions.
  5. Lighten the load of lids: Lids for pots and pans can take up a lot of room. Instead of storing them on top of the pot or pan, rather store the pots and pans on top or inside each other. You can then build a lid rack on the inside of your cupboards using very shallow shelves or by attaching tension rods.
  6. Shoe-bag shelves. Hang a shoe bag on the side of your fridge or on a wall. You can then store smaller items in the shoe bags. Ideally, the shoe bag should be transparent, so that you can see the contents of the bag. This makes locating small objects such as toothpicks or screws easy.
  7. Shower-rack storage. Purchase wire or aluminium shower racks with plastic suckers at your nearest DIY shop. Stick them against the side of the fridge or inside your cupboards for extra storage. They are ideal for the lighter items but remember, the suckers will only work on non-porous surfaces.
  8. Eye-level storage solutions. In addition to your kitchen cupboards for small spaces, add more cupboards at eye level. This provides storage that is easy to access, even in a small kitchen!


How GEZA Can Help

At GEZA, we provide value-for-money solutions for tiny spaces. Our modern range will not break the bank and can be installed easily and quickly. We also provide total kitchen solutions that include a sink, storage, and work surfaces. The fittings are included in the price but can also be purchased separately. This provides you with the freedom to get creative and to custom design your own kitchen to suit your needs to a T! We have a range of available options that allow you to choose your own configuration. Our mission is to maximise your space to make your life more comfortable. Our innovative range of solutions for small spaces is beautiful, durable, affordable, and practical.


Give GEZA a call to find your perfect small-space solution today.

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