Bathroom Basins

Bathroom Basins

Distinct Advantages of Prefabricated and Modular Bathroom Basins.

Prefabricated bathroom units that include everything from basins and wall units to bathtubs and shower cubicles have taken the developer world by storm and for many good reasons. Before acrylic and fibreglass technologies advanced to the superior level of today, most furniture was built into the bathroom.

With such fixtures, professionals skilled and qualified in wet trades were required to install the bathtubs, shower units, toilets, and basins. Apart from the expensive labour, the materials used were also expensive. It could take from days to weeks to install the various components. In addition, a mistake made with layout meant it was a permanent issue, unless the developers or owners were willing to carry the cost of removal and excessive changes needed to re-install units according to the correct or new layout option.

bathroom basinOf course, with bathroom fitting being an expensive and time-consuming operation, remodelling the space also meant a large capital layout. With the long time it took to install from toilets to basins and wall units, the completion of construction projects took longer. The major disadvantage of working with such a rigid system was the cost associated with the finishing of the bathroom units.


New Solution for the Contemporary and Future Building and Renovation Professionals.

Property developers, especially those who offer affordable housing solutions, don’t want to spend thousands just on labour for project installations. They also want the advantage of flexibility. That said, the products they install in homes must meet specific quality requirements. Indeed, any issues with fixtures can lead to extra repair or replacement costs.

With the prefabricated bathroom basins available, such as the large or small wall-mounted basins available from us, installation takes a fraction of the time. Instead of having to build the basin into a cupboard system and onto the wall, the unit comes complete. Everything is symmetric and fits perfectly. With the basin perfectly sealed, the risk of leakages into the cupboard area is eliminated. The wall-mounted unit comes with its own mixer, waste, and trap. It is ready for installation wherever needed.

The large wall-mounted basin unit available from us comes in an elegant finish, suitable even for an upmarket setting. The dimensions of 800 mm x 470 mm show that although it offers a substantial profile, it is still compact in design. The unit features top and bottom cupboards with two drawers, shelves, and a mirror.

Our small wall-mounted basin unit is perfectly suited for a prefabricated home, a granny flat or small holiday flatlet. Its dimensions are 600 mm x 470 mm. It comes with top and bottom cupboards, shelves, and a mirror. As with all our bathroom basins, it includes a mixer, waste, and trap.

With all the necessary components already in place, installation is quick and easy with no wet skill qualifications needed. We offer an installation guide, support, and a maintenance team. With such quick installation, developers can install several units quickly without the excessive costs associated with the installation of conventional bathroom basins and cupboards.


Distinctive Space-Saving Benefits.

The modular prefabricated units are compact in design, allowing for maximum floor space savings. With a smaller footprint, it is also easier to keep the room clean and without clutter.


Achieve a Unique Look and Feel.

By simply pairing the wall-mounted bathroom basin with an appropriate corner glass shower cubicle, the bathtub and toilet of choice, it is possible to create an elegant setting that looks different from another bathroom, even with the same layout. This is also true when layout changes are made. The flexibility in creating a stylish interior is further enhanced with the choice of the floor surface and paint on the wall or even the tile type.

With this flexibility in layout and component pairing, a developer can thus create unique bathrooms for each unit in the apartment building, low-cost housing project, or townhouse complex. This can be done effortlessly and at a low cost.


Easy Replacement.

All our products come with a minimum one-year guarantee. Although exceptionally affordable, the quality is superior. However, should a replacement be needed to fit a new style for the home, then it will not be a costly and complex procedure. Simply uninstall and remove the components, whether basins or showers. Install the new unit such as a basin, and the project is complete. It can be done within a day as opposed to the many days it can take to replace one or more components in the traditional bathroom setting.


Removable Means the Ability to Take to a New Abode.

For the person who rents a home such as a wooden cabin with no ablutions, we can recommend the selection of our modular bathroom units. Installation can include the large or small mounted basin and cupboard, a toilet and shower. If the person buys their own property, they can remove the units because it is not built in.


Create a Coordinated Appearance.

With a wide selection of components, it is possible to create a uniform look and feel with our range of bathroom basins, tubs, and shower cubicles. With such, a sense of elegance is attained at an affordable price.


Prefabricated Bathroom Components Such as Wall-Mounted Basins for Mass Housing.

When it comes to mass housing projects, developers often have to choose between quality and quantity. To keep costs to a minimum they may decide to only install a toilet and an extremely basic shower, plus a basin. With the affordability of the prefabricated units, it is possible to install all the amenities required in a small space without causing clutter. In addition, the developer can choose to start with the lowest priced in the range to ensure project budget requirements can be met. The wall-mounted bathroom basins from us do not lack in anything. As such, the developer doesn’t have to compromise on quality for the sake of quantity.


Improved Safety with Installation.

Fewer workers are needed to install prefabricated components. Standardised sizes make it easier to calculate space requirements and layout options. The instructions can be given regarding the installation of each unit without a high risk of injury because of many workers needed to complete an installation project.


Lightweight, But Durable Materials.

The heavy weight of conventional basins, cabinets, tubs, and showers add to the transportation cost of building materials. In addition, the heavier the components, the higher the risk of breakage and injuries on the worksite. Although our items are lightweight, the products, including the wall-mounted basins, are of superior quality. With the lightweight designs, many units can be transported and placed at a fraction of the cost associated with the more conventional bathroom fixtures.


Why Buy from Us?

We offer an extensive range of prefabricated and modular bathroom furniture made from durable materials. The shower cubicle trays are, for instance, made from durable fibreglass that is easy to clean and maintenance-free. The frames of the cubicles are made from lightweight aluminium, known for durability and corrosion resistance.

All the products in our portfolio are made to last and consist of everything needed for easy installation. The DIY modular units come with the necessary assembly instructions. We have a proven track record of product and service excellence dating back to 1999. Our product offering challenges the expensive and complex conventional kitchen and bathroom furniture market.

In a country where there is a growing demand for affordable housing, space-saving solutions and durable products, our line of products fills the gap effectively. With over two decades in the lead of delivering affordable quality ranges that include everything from wall-mounted bathroom basins to kitchen units and lifestyle products, we have shown that our products can be trusted.

We patented our first Easy Fit bathroom in 1999 and have recently introduced the exceptionally stylish and functional shower unit. To this end, our wall-mounted basins are equally impressive in design, finish, and durability. We strive to meet the growing demand for more affordable, quality furnishings and achieve this through creative solutions that meet the budget needs of property owners, first-time home buyers, developers, and resort owners.

Applications range from affordable housing projects to student accommodation, garden flats, holiday accommodation, temporary construction accommodation and guesthouses.


In Conclusion.

Regardless of whether you want space-saving components, want to renovate your bathroom to sell your house at a higher price or are a developer looking for easy-to-install bathroom furniture, we have the basins, tubs and showers to meet your requirements. View our price list and get in touch to place your order.

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