Shower Cubicles for Sale

Shower Cubicles for Sale

Glass Shower Cubicles for Sale: Why Buy Our Corner Units?

Before you begin what could be a tedious process of looking at shower cubicles for sale, consider our manufactured corner glass units. These corner glass cubicles are perfect for small bathrooms where you need space-saving, practical solutions.


More About the Corner Glass Unit.

GEZA-Corner-Showe-CubicleThe corner unit is compact in design with dimensions of 900 mm x 900 mm and a height of 1 950 mm. It comes with a white ABS/fibreglass shower tray set in a steel frame and legs. This ensures optimal sturdiness without detracting from the corner unit’s aesthetic appeal.

The cubicle features a glass shower side and back panels that are fixed in aluminium with perfect positioning onto the tray. It comes complete with a stylish mixer, a fixed shower rose, and a hand-held rose for optimal convenience. To complete the picture, the corner cubicle also includes a glass shelf for placement of toiletries.

Just as with all our shower cubicles for sale, you get the entire unit. It is ready for installation. Indeed, it doesn’t require wet installation expertise to install one of the affordable, yet, stylish units. Moreover, we provide installation guidance and have professional maintenance teams to help you turn that little nook into a sweet bathroom.


When to Choose One of the Corner Cubicles We Offer for Sale.

Corner units are well-suited for smaller bathrooms. In most instances, placement of the shower in the corner helps to open up valuable floor space in the bathroom. Corner units provide a sense of elegance, especially because of the front and side panel that provides maximum visibility. Instead of having to deal with annoying curtains, opt for a corner unit with its sturdy glass doors that are neatly set in an aluminium frame.


Advantages of Aluminium.

Aluminium is a lightweight material, reducing the cost of transportation and making it easier to install the cubicle.  It is also a durable material that is corrosion resistant. With such, the moisture from water spray has no effect on the durability of the frame.


Advantages of the ABS/Fibre Tray.

Apart from the distinct aesthetic appeal, fibreglass is also lightweight for easier installation. Unlike with conventional concrete trays that can leak and cause water damage to the surrounding walls, the fibreglass tray is a completely sealed unit. It doesn’t expand and can handle substantial weight.

Cleaning is as easy as wiping it after usage. It requires no maintenance unlike with mosaic tiles that loosen over time and thus need to be replaced. The gasket joint system used in our fibreglass showers for sale ensure optimal sealing. As such, you can expect a leak-free and exceptionally hygienic environment. Fibreglass products are also more cost-effective than brick and mortar or tiled based units.


Final Thought.

Whether you want a corner shower cubicle for your home or want to order several units from our product line for a development, you will appreciate the affordability, quality, and elegance of our shower cubicles for sale. All our products and installations come with a minimum of one-year guarantee. View our pricing list or get in touch to learn more about our current specials.

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