Free-Standing Kitchen Storage Units

Free-Standing Kitchen Storage Units

9 Kitchen Design Mistakes You Should Avoid – And How to Fix Them if You Face Them.

Kitchen, caboose, or heart of the home – whatever you choose to call it, this is one room that possibly sees the most activity in the house. When most of us think back, the kitchens in our childhood homes stand out as a place of gathering, socialising, and enjoying family and friendly guests. It is where we form some of our strongest sensory memories, like mom’s roast potatoes or that extra slice of birthday cake. Kitchens are the one room that rental agents often spruce up the most before a home showing, sometimes even putting out a pot of coffee or baking bread in the oven to coax potential buyers into feeling at home.

Here at GEZA, we specialise in innovative kitchen unit solutions for large and small properties, and we know a thing or two about interior design and style in this section of the home. Our free-standing kitchen storage units, in particular, are a fantastic addition to any layout. So, if you would like to find out more on which amateur design mistakes to avoid, keep reading.


Mistake 1: Underestimating How Much Storage You Need.

Even the homeowner or renter with wall-to-wall cabinets and shelving would still feel as though they don’t have enough storage – it is simply one area of the home that fills up rather quickly. Pantry foods, cookware, cutlery, rarely used appliances, and even just that extensive mug collection can take up more space than what you have to offer. In this department, form always follows function. It may be tempting to try and keep the room as open and minimalistic as possible, but doing so without enough storage solutions will inevitably lead to even more counter clutter. Free-standing kitchen storage units like those in our GEZA line are a far better investment to which one can easily add onto when needed.


Mistake 2: Using Trendy Colours.

There is nothing wrong with adding a splash of colour in the form of peel-and-stick tiles, window coverings, or décor items. Having saffron-orange cabinets installed just because the shade is in this season is not the best idea, however. Trends change, and what you thought looked great five years ago might not be what you think looks great (or even good) today. Stick to timeless colours, such as black, white, and wooden themes. For smaller, more compact kitchens, white remains a winner as it creates the illusion of a more expansive space – it’s also a calming colour and remains ultra-easy to spiff up with contrasting décor.


Mistake 3: Planning Your Layout Poorly.

Ever heard of a kitchen triangle? Most homeowners haven’t, but it’s a guiding principle for interior designers and architects alike. This concept refers to a working space in which it is easy to move while preparing food and washing up. It follows the theory that the three main areas of work – the sink, the refrigerator, and the cooktop – should form a triangle in their placement. This trinity of essential work areas should also not be placed too far apart, as easy access is key here. Disrupting this triangle with an island or table, for example, slows down the workflow and makes cooking much more of a chore. In this way, smaller kitchens have far more of an advantage as everything is usually within the reach of a single step or two. Here at GEZA, our versatile free-standing units can be moved from one point to another if you feel that your current layout is not working well for you.


Mistake 4: Neglecting Your Counter Space.

Your countertops are where the magic happens – it’s where food gets made, it’s where many appliances are stored, and it’s even where you plop the groceries down while unloading your shopping haul. Many homeowners complain they simply don’t have enough counter space and making it a priority from the get-go of your redesign will spare you this issue. Our free-standing kitchen storage line also includes two-drawer, two-door units that offer not only countertop space, but much-needed storage space too.


Mistake 5: Forgetting Essential Ventilation.

If your kitchen is poorly ventilated, you will know it. Some kitchens are so badly designed that even if there is a window opening, certain cooking smells and humidity in the air just does not seem to disappear. This can be an embarrassing problem when you have guests over and last night’s tuna casserole still lingers in the room. The best way to remedy this is by investing in a ventilation system that works fast and efficiently. These days, plenty of residential ventilation systems look stylish too, so you won’t have to worry about introducing an eye-sore to the space.


Mistake 6: Failing to Address Inadequate Lighting.

Kitchen designs are notorious for their poor lighting. Various spaces in the room require their own lighting solution, and more than one source of lighting is usually recommended. On your work countertops, for example, you need a strong task spotlight that won’t cast your shadow onto what you’re doing. Dining areas can do with softer, more ambient lighting that set a relaxing mood. You may even want to consider adding a bulb to your pantry to avoid clumsily clambering around in the dark while you seek that elusive slow cooker. The right accent lighting can also lend to the overall aesthetic of your layout, highlighting beautiful features such as your new storage units or a proudly displayed crockery collection.


Mistake 7: Missing the Aspect of Art.

Within every room of your home, there is an opportunity to introduce style and beauty to the space. Whether you enjoy sophisticated and sleek design, or something a little more rustic and homey, it is a great idea to add a few décor pieces to the room. Small, potted herbs, elegant window coverings, and even elegantly designed appliances can all add to the feel of the room and turn the space into something that feels more like home to you.

For smaller kitchens, it can be difficult to decorate without overwhelming the space with clutter. In this case, focus on replacing essential items with an updated version that has a little flair to it. Chuck that old breadbin out for a new one with a dash of colour, find a new fruit bowl that draws the eye, or replace your light fixtures with something a little more contemporary. Think out of the box, too, like a room-anchoring rug or a new backsplash with a stark design. Functional art is key here.


Mistake 8: Leaving Your Wall Space Bare.

Kitchens, especially smaller to medium-sized ones, require intelligent and modular designs that make use of every nook and cranny. For this reason, most professional decorators and designers recommend utilising wall space. Not only does this give the room a rounded-off, complete look, but it adds essential storage space too. Think about how much you could fit on shelving or extra cabinets along the walls. This means reducing countertop clutter and making items like crockery, spices, or cookware much easier to access. Storing items high up that can break easily, as well as potentially dangerous cleaning chemicals is also far better for homes with small children that always find a way to get into cupboards on the ground. At GEZA, our free-standing storage solutions come with a Top Unit and Grocery Unit that makes use of vital wall space.


Mistake 9: Overspending for the Sake of Image.

Yes, it is entirely possible to attain a kitchen design worthy of a feature in an interior style magazine – even if yours doesn’t offer much room with which to play. Overspending, however, is hardly a necessity, and many homeowners make the mistake of blowing their budget on marble countertops and expensive cabinet installations when there are tons of affordable alternatives available – and only you would know the difference. Use this saved money to instead splurge on better appliances and features that make the room more inviting to family and friends.


Why Our Free-Standing Kitchen Storage Units Are Worth the Investment.

When it comes to storage, our advice above has probably left you scratching your head. You want something affordable, easy to install, and stylish too. This, fortunately, is where GEZA products shine. Our speciality is kitchen and bathroom units for smaller living spaces, but our products are versatile enough to work just about anywhere. The best part is there is no brickwork, plastering, or time-consuming labour involved – our installations could not be more straightforward. We also have a full-time maintenance team on call in Gauteng for any emergencies or help you might need with your new GEZA layout.

To find out more about our free-standing storage units, send us a message here and we will get back to you.

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