Shower Cubicle for Sale

Shower Cubicle for Sale

Need a Shower Cubicle for Sale? Explore These Frequently Asked Questions About Our Line.

Here at GEZA, we are the preferred choice when it comes to quick, efficient, and affordable bathroom and kitchen units. Our products are all versatile enough to work well in a variety of applications, such as housing projects, container conversions, and smaller cottages and apartments made of brick, woodwork, steel, or partitioning. Smaller developments, in particular, are well-suited to our range as we have incorporated a few modular and innovative design tricks that work well for more compact spaces.

Rectangular Shower CubicleIf, like many of our valued customers, you have caught onto our stylish range of shower cubicles for sale, have a look at some of the frequently asked questions we receive about our designs below.


What Makes a GEZA Shower Cubicle Different?

It is rather rare that you will find free-standing shower cubicles for sale that include a full set of features such as a shower tray, waste, and trap. Our designs also come with a mixer and rose along with an adjustable harness. It’s not just a glass enclosure, it is a fully equipped shower that will cost you a fraction of many less extensive options on the market.


What Shape Cubicle is Best?

The shape of shower cubicle for sale you select is all about your available space and preferred taste. Corner cubicles take up a little less space and add some style to an unused corner of the bathroom. Our rectangular models are better suited to larger bathrooms and offer an element of luxury to the space.


What Type of Planning and Labour Does Installation Require?

You may be put off by the idea of replacing your current model or introducing a new shower cubicle to your bathroom in fear of the brickwork it might take, but our freestanding designs for sale require no breaking into walls and tiling. Your purchase will come with an installation manual which makes set-up a breeze that takes a few hours instead of days or weeks.


Are There Cost-Friendly Options Available?

Unlike other free-standing options for sale which only include an enclosure, our entire line of shower cubicles (including all their features) is ultra-affordable and won’t break the bank at all. This means you have some spare change to give the rest of your bathroom a matching facelift too. We also stock bathroom units and storage solutions that blend seamlessly together to create a uniform overall aesthetic.

If you are keen on one of our superb designs or wish to find out about the other products we offer, be sure to get in touch with us today and one of our on-call sales team members will be in touch.

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