Freestanding Shower

Freestanding Shower

The Fantastic Advantages of Installing a Freestanding Shower in Your Bathroom.

When thinking of the term “bathroom”, what type of images come to mind? Most people see it as a neutral space, one filled with the required necessities for daily hygiene. Many, however, feel instant frustration at the thought of their home’s powder room. Not enough space, looking dull or drab, and a general lack of styling make it the one place that is difficult to give a facelift. If your bathroom is not a space of luxury, relaxation, and tranquillity, it is probably time to give it a major makeover. This does not need to be expensive or take too much time, either. One change of which many homeowners are fond is installing a freestanding shower into the room, and here we get into the reasons why.


What is a Freestanding Shower?

shower cubicle“Freestanding” refers to anything that requires no external support to stand as a complete, stable structure. Many homeowners are accustomed to seeing baths and showers built into the ground and walls, taking on a corner of the room and utilising the same tiling as the rest of the bathroom. These structures are permanently part of the home and immovable, which means one needs to plan the bathroom design around these features. Freestanding showers, on the other hand, offer a little more flexibility. They can be installed as a single unit and be placed anywhere, which forms a significant aspect of their overall appeal.


Redefining What Luxury Means to You.

It has long been thought that bathtubs (here is looking at those regal clawfoot tubs popularised in the 19th century) were a sign of luxury, wealth, and opulent lifestyles. Times began to change, however, when baths became so popular that most homes, from the upper to lower class, seemed to have one. Though a warm soak is rather relaxing, modern living always moves towards quick and efficient solutions, and so showers are currently an exceedingly popular form of getting clean. Stunning, innovative freestanding showers take bathroom design and décor to a whole new level. The right model is a statement piece and can transform the look of the space. If you are a fan of functional art, then nothing could be a better fit for your bathroom. Now, luxury is no longer left to bubble baths – it can be a steamy, refreshing splash in a sleek and sophisticated shower.


It’s All About How You Use Your Available Space.

Freestanding showers save space in a few ways, and how you decide to make the most of the area in your bathroom is entirely up to you. Having a shower eliminates the need for a bathtub, especially if you don’t have small children. Remove your bath from the equation and your bathroom suddenly just became a whole lot roomier. No more bathtub means more place for storage and shelving, but also more room to just be yourself and breathe – an essential element in bathroom design. Then, a freestanding shower is particularly useful because it isn’t reserved for any specific spot in the room. You can place it wherever you want; in the corner, off to the side, or right in the centre stealing all the limelight. It allows homeowners to really take creative control over the layout. This is especially useful for modular micro homes or smaller developments that don’t have much available room with which to begin.


You Can Install One Anywhere You Would Like.

Another draw of freestanding showers is that it is not a permanent fixture. You won’t be breaking down walls or adding any tiling wherever you may need it. It is a marvellous product when it comes to staff quarters, student housing, and even an outdoor bathroom in which to freshen up after gardening or having a swim in the pool. In terms of practicality you are not restricted, and their affordability means that money is not a factor in your decision.


Customise It as You See Fit.

When it comes to colour, we prefer a clean, crisp white – it looks more hygienic and tranquil, but is also an ultra-modern, neutral tone with which to work. Lighter colours create the illusion of more space, and a freestanding shower with clear or white detailing is bound to look bigger. There are several ways to customise your model, however. Firstly, if you are not fond of your shower fixture, you could always invest in something more suited to you. Some prefer a gentle, drizzling mist before bed each night, while other individuals love a strong, massaging pulse to invigorate them each morning. Lots of fixtures also have multiple settings when it comes to pressure and pulse – it all depends on your preferences. Then, you can add features such as suction shelving or toiletry carriers and trays, or you can purchase a design with such features already built into it. It is also worth mentioning that there are so many elegant designs currently available on the market; you won’t run out of options when it comes to finding something eye-catching or striking.


Your Wallet Will Thank You.

Introducing an in-wall shower to your home is going to cost a fair amount – not just for the shower components but because of the brickwork and tiling involved. A freestanding solution, on the other hand, is ideal, as it comes as a complete unit with no hidden costs or the price of weeks of extra hired labour needed to have it installed. You know what you are getting and what you are paying for, and, in a world where time equals money, this is one investment that will save you on both.


Installation is Far More Straightforward than You Would Expect.

The idea of a bathroom renovation puts most people off because they can easily visualise what it takes to install new features. Hiring professionals to step in and help (goodbye privacy), several days or weeks of loud construction work, a sectioned off (potentially dangerous) site in your bathroom and very little control over the final product makes the process rather stressful. A freestanding shower that was designed with easy installation in mind will not only save on all this effort but will mean that you can spruce up your powder room in just a few hours and have it ready for the next time you need it. Convenience like this sounds too good to be true because it is so rare, but it is entirely worth the investment wherever possible.


Are Showers Better than Bathtubs?

Neither is better or worse, both come with their own set of advantages, and both are useful in the right circumstances. Baths are practical when it comes to enjoying the feel of warm water enveloping you, and most households with small children require one. You may, however, enjoy a shower for some of the following reasons:

  • Showering generally saves on far more water than taking a bath. This fact, of course, is all to do with intention. A five-minute shower is probably going to save quite a few more litres of water than filling up an entire tub, but it depends on how strong a blast of water you use, and how long you shower. If you are all about living sustainably and conserving water in a drought-stricken country like South Africa, try to ensure you keep your showers short and only turn the water on while wetting yourself or rinsing off. Using less warm water also translates to using less electricity.
  • Some consider showers a more hygienic way of getting clean, as a constant stream of freshwater is pouring out onto you, rinsing away the dirt as it does.
  • Showering is quicker – it is a simple in and out. There is no waiting for the tub to fill up and no waiting for it to drain again.
  • The accessibility a shower offers is preferable to a bath for older people or persons with disabilities. Swinging the door open and entering or exiting is less of a stress for anyone who has mobility difficulties.


Our Exciting Range of Freestanding Showers.

If you are looking for something stylish and easy to install, then our corner glass shower cubicle is ideal. The white ABS/fibreglass shower tray is reinforced with a steel frame and legs, with a glass shower side and back panels framed in aluminium. It comes complete with a mixer, fixed shower rose, handheld rose, and glass shelf to contain all your hygiene necessities. What more could you need?

If you are interested in our corner glass cubicle design or any of our other freestanding models, don’t hesitate to send us a message today and we will get back to you soon.

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