DIY Swimming Pool Above Ground

DIY Swimming Pool Above Ground

Experience the Sheer Joy of A DIY Above-Ground Swimming Pool with GEZA!

There are few things South Africans enjoy more than spending time in a clear blue swimming pool on a hot day. It is refreshing, invigorating, and relaxing – and keeps the children busy for hours. It also helps you get physical exercise and offers many opportunities for family-bonding experiences. Our lives in summer tend to revolve around the outdoors because of our sunny climate. As a result, people like to braai and socialise around the water and occasionally take a dip to cool off.

DIY Swimming PoolSadly, not all gardens are big enough for a sunken pool. Because sunken models cost a lot of money, take long to install, and can be difficult to maintain, they can be more of a hassle than they are worth. GEZA provides you with the perfect solution! We offer our clients a perfectly affordable DIY above-ground swimming pool. Our customers can order from a range of sizes and install it as a DIY exercise. It does not get more convenient than that. If you need help with the DIY installation, our technicians are always ready to assist.

Our above-ground swimming bath also has added benefits that other above-ground models do not have. For a start, they are highly durable and stylishly attractive. Encased in a timber shell, they are great to look at and very convenient to use. The timber shell is treated to withstand the effects of the sun, wind, and rain and creates the perfect look and feel for the more discerning customer. The timber blends in well with the surrounding natural landscape and looks a lot more natural than most above-ground swimming baths available on the market today. Instead of being an eyesore, it actually adds an air of exclusivity to your garden.

The GEZA DIY swimming pool is also very quick to install. It can be set up on any hard, flat surface. Our above-ground products come in kit form and already contains the relevant pumps and filtration systems that you need. All you have to do is to fill it up and plug the pump into an electrical power point. Maintenance is simple: the usual chemicals such as chlorine and acid are used and new innovations have led to the creation of an extremely effective ultraviolet disinfectant system that helps to keep the water fully sanitised.

Another great advantage of our DIY swimming pool is that it can be emptied and refilled as needed. During the winter months, the water can be recycled and used to irrigate the garden or wash the car. In summer, it can be refilled with clean water. Our above-ground pool comes with a solid cover that slides over the frame to keep dust, leaves, and other objects from falling into the water. You can also dismantle the swimming pool DIY-style and take it with you to a new property if you need to move.

If you are keen to find out more about our range of DIY above-ground swimming pools, please contact our team at GEZA today.

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