Basin Bathroom Solutions

Basin Bathroom Solutions

Basic Bathroom Solutions for Small Spaces

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a large bathroom and with modern building design and housing developments, bathrooms tend to be fairly small and compact. The reasoning behind this is usually that it is a room that is only used on occasion (compared to other rooms in the abode that are prioritised). However, it is a highly functional space that has to be comfortable and easy to use. There are a few basic bathroom solutions that you should keep in mind, including the type and shape of basin you choose, that can make your space appear larger and make it that much easier to use.

If you need maximum style but have minimum space, start with a good layout. The design of the room and where certain items such as the toilet, basin, and shower or bath are placed, can be vital when it comes to the functionality of the room. Ideally, you need to create as much room as possible in a small space, and this is why certain small basin solutions have started to appear on the market. Wall-hung sanitaryware can create the illusion of more space as well and is very practical because it is easier to keep an uncluttered floor clean without any nooks, crannies, and difficult places that trap dirt. You can also opt for a wall-mounted basin, which provides the same advantages. Remember to choose more compact sanitary ware or basin solutions if you have a tiny space. You can also choose an oval or rectangular basin shape that will provide all the functionality you need, but does not jut out from the wall too far, have sharp corners, or take up unnecessary space.

Basin Bathroom SolutionsStorage can be a challenge but there are solutions. It is a fact that certain things will need to be stored in the bathroom, such as cleaning products, shampoo, soaps, facecloths, towels, and similar items. Get smart with storage. Build overhead storage racks above head height where products that are not used that often can be stored. Hooks or a towel rail behind the door can also be a useful addition and a small vanity unit can provide storage under your bathroom basin. The vanity should ideally be the same shape and diameter as the basin with no sharp protruding corners. It is also possible to attach hooks or a towel rail to the side of the basin vanity if possible for facecloths or hand towels.

Vanity units at eye level with a mirror is very handy for shaving or applying makeup, so, instead of just placing a mirror on the wall, use a mirrored vanity storage unit instead and kill two birds with one stone. Racks can also be placed above the door for extra storage. In order to keep the room looking spacious, it is essential to use lighter colours. White is not only associated with cleanliness and good hygiene but also a feeling of spaciousness and if you choose white sanitaryware, you have the freedom to change the entire colour scheme in your bathroom by just changing the colour of soft furnishings such as towels and bathmats.

Another great solution for a small bathroom is to install the appropriate lighting. Ideally, there should be good lighting over the basin and the mirror because this is where people shave and apply make-up, so plenty of illumination and good visibility are essential. At GEZA, we specialise in small bathroom solutions that include the basin and other sanitaryware for small spaces. We have created a range of practical and easy-to-install products specifically designed for smaller bathrooms.

Our kitchen and bathroom solutions are made of high-quality materials and we have a range of items to choose from that will suit any small bathroom or kitchen to a T, while also being practical and helping to make the most of the available space. Our basin range comes in a variety of shape and sizes and is aimed at providing maximum style and comfort in the tiniest of spaces. Our products are all manufactured off-site at our factory and are delivered to our clients in kit form. Provided the correct plumbing is available, it will only take a couple of hours to install basins and complete bathroom solutions, including a shower and/or bath.

For more information about our innovative basin and bathroom solutions, give our team a call!

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