Ideas for Small Bathrooms with Shower

Ideas for Small Bathrooms with Shower

Great Ideas for Small Bathrooms with A Shower

Trying to fit a shower into a space that is already tiny can be a challenge indeed. It definitely requires some creative thinking but it is certainly not impossible! There is a wide variety of ideas for small washrooms out there, and all you have to do is to get creative and choose the right sanitaryware. It is indeed possible to create an inviting setup – even in a confined space – that is also stylish and comfortable to use. When it comes to good ideas for such confined spaces, a wet room is often a very practical solution. A wet room basically turns the entire bathroom into a shower and storage areas are created above head height in order to stay dry. Usually, the showerhead is plumbed into an area of the washroom where it will not matter much if the immediate vicinity gets wet. This can be a smart use of space in a tiny area if it is planned properly.

Small Bathrooms with ShowerCreative shower tubs have been featured in a lot of interior magazines lately and ideas for rustic tubs and showers certainly seem to be in vogue. All kinds of items can be used to create cubicles, from baby baths to plastic barrels. One of the best ideas for a small bathroom is to use a wine barrel cut in half as the base and to hang a waterproof curtain around it on a round frame. This not only traps the water in the barrel but provides for a comfortable space without letting the entire floor get wet. In addition to this, they can fit into restricted spaces. In fact, almost any type of basin can be used, as long as the sides are high enough to contain the water.

One of the most popular ideas for tiny washrooms is to choose a corner shower that comfortably fits into a corner nook. The two walls provide the sides, and the door is at the front. This means that the shape takes on the form of a triangle when looked at from above. Often, the door bulges out in a smooth curve to free up more space inside. This shape tends to be more space-efficient than a square shower because it has no corner jutting out into the room. For long, narrow washrooms, a rectangular shape is a great idea. This means that the space at the end of the room can be fully utilised and blocked off with a glass door that keeps the water inside.

Lighting plays an important role when it comes to ideas for small bathrooms. If bright lighting is installed in the correct spots, it will illuminate the entire room and create an illusion of space, making it look quite a bit bigger than it actually is. Mirrors can also be used inside the shower or against one of the walls to reflect the space and to make it look even more spacious. Large windows allow in natural light and this may increase the perception of roominess as well.

One of the most important ideas for small bathrooms is the door of the cubicle. Plastic curtains can sometimes make the room feel somewhat cramped and it is much better to use see-through doors made of glass or Perspex. Being able to see through and into the shower space creates a feeling of extra space and increases the visible floor space as well. See-through glass storage shelves can also be used for storage. The type of door is also vital – in small spaces, a swing door can be very inconvenient for a shower because a lot of room is wasted to allow the door to swing open fully. Sliding doors are recommended, or, if this is not practical, then at least a door that opens against a wall.

At GEZA, we come up with ideas for small bathrooms and compact showers all the time. Because we specialise in smaller bathrooms and kitchens, all our sanitaryware is created especially to fit into snug spaces. When our products are designed, specific attention is paid to the types of spaces they need to fit into and we strive to always create showers and other washroom items that help to make the space as comfortable and practical to use as possible. For more ideas for tiny bathrooms that contain showers, give our team a call today!

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